Services We Offer

As a family run business, we pride ourselves in quality service- especially our rapid turnover, getting your product unloaded, stored and secure in a fraction of the time the bigger guys require.

Emergency Refrigeration

Southern Glacier offers complete inventory rescue solutions, when your compressor fails, we can assist in transporting, refrigerating and freezing your inventory.

Temperature Control Ranging from -14°F to 58°F

Our individual storage spaces and computer monitored refrigeration system ensure proper storage temperatures are maintained whether its -14°F, 32°F or 59°F.

Order picking

Whether one package, truckload quantities, single lot, or multiple lots, we will pull and ship per your FIFO or other inventory control requirements.

Freight Consolidation

Shipping from numerous sources to one customer? Consign all your vender orders to us and we will consolidate them for timely delivery as a single shipment.

Hand Stacking/Palletizing and Stretch Wrapping

Whether container loads or truckloads, our in-house lumper services build pallets with the correct tie and height configurations for safe storage and transportation. If stacking is not required, our pallet exchange program facilitates seamless transfer of freight.

Cross Docking and Just-in-Time Shipping

Count on us to move quickly and expeditiously on your rush orders and same day pickups.

Sample Packing and Shipping for Courier Delivery

Need to get a sample to a customer within a day? We have insulated boxes, gel packs, and dry ice at our disposal for packing and shipping your product upon request.

Marking, Labeling, and Recoopering Per Specifications

With in-house label creation software on hand, we can add detailed specifications to your packaging and we can bundle packages for shipping requirements.

Wine Storage

We have a room dedicated to the storage of wine that is kept at 58°F for optimal storage of wine.