Emergency Refrigeration

Do you have a Refrigeration Emergency?

Refrigerated truck in an accident?

Broken Compressor?

Unexpected excess of inventory?

Power Outage?


Refrigeration/freezer breakdowns are expensive enough as it is, don’t let losing your inventory compound your losses!

When your refrigeration system fails, the clock starts ticking on your inventory going to waste.  You may be at risk of spoilage within a short few hours.  Even after you call an emergency HVAC technician to get you up and running again, your wait may be just too long, and if you’re not prepared, you could lose your entire inventory!

You need emergency refrigeration, and you need it now

Chill out, we’ve got you covered!

Southern Glacier offers complete inventory rescue solutions.   Just give us a call, 24-7-365 and we will be there for you.  We’ll come load your inventory onto one of our refrigerated trucks(whowe.html#fleet) and bring it to our facility(whowe.html#facility).  From there, you can take advantage of our order pulling services until you’re back on your feet.